A Variety of Lake and River Fish That Are Good Eats

Fishing in lakes and rivers can offer you a wide variety of lake and river fish that are good eats for family and friends. Lake and river fish are also known as freshwater fish. A variety of fish found in rivers and lakes grow different sizes that range from extra small to quite large. These fish can offer healthy dishes like baked, fried, steamed and more. Catching them in cold, clean and clear waters will ensure you get the best flavored and healthiest catch.

Where fish live have a great influence on how they will taste when cooked.

Lake and River Fish That Are Good Eats 

Here are just a few different species of fish you may catch in freshwater lakes and rivers:


*Catfish- This species of fish is found in North American lakes and rivers. Catfish is known as a delicacy in some regions. This fish is popularly served in restaurants and sold at fresh seafood markets. Catfish is commonly deep fried and served with hushpuppies, french fries, coleslaw, and a roll.


* Bass- Largemouth and smallmouth bass have white sweet meat and can be cooked a variety of ways. Some states have laws regarding the size of the catch you can keep.


* Walleye- This species of fish can be fried, broiled, or baked. When they are caught in freshwater lakes and rivers they provide the best fresh taste.


* Crappie- This fish when caught small is often cooked whole, while the larger ones are filleted and fried. they have a sweet taste and their meat is white.


* Trout- Trout can provide you with the best fish dish when caught and cooked eight after the catch. Pan frying is recommended if they are small, while the larger ones can baked, broiled, smoked or filleted and deep fried.


* CHANNEL CATFISH- These fish are quite delicious on the dinner table. You can find them in the midwest rivers and lakes are best when fried.


* Salmon- Salmon can be prepared a variety of ways like fried salmon patties, baked salmon, broiled salmon, grilled salmon and more. You will find salmon in may restaurants as well.


Preparing to Cook A Variety of Lake and River Fish That Are Good Eats

The best way to eat fish is soon as they are caught clean them, and prepare for cooking immediately as the fresher the fish, the better they will taste on your dinner plate. You can find many great recipes online available for cooking a variety of lake and river fish that are good eats for family dinner, special occasions, fish fries and more. When you plan on deep frying fish, you should make sure to preheat the oil to 350 F. If the grease is not hot you will have a real mess with the fish sticking to the deep fryer or pot. Catching muddy water fish will not taste as good as those that come from clean freshwater. You must remember that some species of fish may only be caught during fishing season.

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