Dressing For The Outdoors

Are you planning a camping trip or a long hike? Dressing in multiple layers is the key to staying comfortable in any outdoor weather that may occur. In the winter months, it is very important to keep your body temperature warm. Fleece materials are the best at trapping body heat. Put them on over your undergarments to keep as much of your natural body heat as possible. Your outer layers should consist of clothing that is easy to navigate around in. A great way to keep your body heated up is constant movement. If your outer layers do not enable you to move with ease, then this will be difficult for you to do. Remember to pack insulated and waterproof gloves or mittens. Doubling up on your socks is a great idea to preserve heat. Be sure that your socks are insulated as well. Bring along headgear such as toboggans or ski masks.

Scarves are also a necessity in the cold weather. When encountering below freezing weather, snow is always a possibility. Be prepared by taking extra clothing in case you get wet. Pack waterproof snow boots with a good tread and traction on the bottom. Keep in mind that cold weather can be extremely dangerous and that even if you get hot, you can always take some of your layers off. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Hot weather is the same way. Heat strokes are threatening to people of all ages and can be deadly! Heat strokes can occur at different temperatures for various people. When being out in the sun, sunburn or sun poisoning is also something to watch out for. The best way to prevent heat strokes, sunburn, sun poisoning, and other heat related illnesses is to properly dress for the outdoors.

Layers are just as important in the summer months as they are in the winter months. Long flowing and loose fitting clothing is much safer to wear than shorter clothing. This protects your skin from direct sunlight and provides more air circulation. Textured clothing is always a plus in the summer. This may sound strange but it makes a lot of sense. All textured patterns keep part of the clothing material off of the skin. By only touching parts of the skin, texturized clothing allows air channels to open right up and cool us down. Undershirts are also important if you want to hide your sweat stains in the middle of a heat wave. Tank tops under clothing do not benefit the pit sweat but a tee shirt does the trick. I recommend a heather-gray t-shirt. It will keep your sweat from soaking through to your overshirt. Avoid dark colors all that you can. Light colors do not absorb heat like the darker ones do.

You may think that a hat is much needed in the sun. This is not true. Heat escapes from your head more than any other body part. A hat will only trap unwanted heat and cause more damage in the long run. Leave the hat on the rack and substitute it for a thin visor. Be sure to pack sunglasses to protect your eyes from any sun damage. Always keep sunscreen on hand as well. No matter what the weather may be, it can change at any given second. Dressing for the outdoors can be tricky. A good habit to get into is keeping a small drawstring bag in your vehicle at all times. Keep a small rain jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, mittens, socks, and various little items inside that could be used in a short notice change of weather. I hope that these tips keep you happy and safe during all of your outdoor adventures!

Building A Campfire

Building a campfire is often associated with the strength and power of man. Even back in ancient times, fire was what provided them with heat, for light in the darkness, from the wild animals looking for a meal, and it was for cooking the food that they ate. Fire is no longer vital like it was back then, however, it still holds a strange magnetic power over us that attracts us to it. When sitting around the flames of a fire, it has the ability to generate pleasant conversations, build a bond for the individuals who are sitting around it, and the most common ability that fire has is that it inspires many legendary stories to be told while enjoying its warm in the cool evening. It also generates a cuddly and romantic feel to it for the couples who are enjoying each others company while sitting around it. Because of all of these amazing things that fire can develop, it is beneficial if you know exactly how to start a very good campfire.

As it is with any type of fire, you should always begin with safety first. Make sure to follow any rules that may be set for the area that you are creating the campfire. If there is a designated fire area within the camping area that you are at, then it is important to make sure and use it. You do not want to be responsible for creating a raging fire, and setting the nature around you to blaze. If you are camping in an area that is deep in the wilderness, without any fire area around, then make sure that you make a fire area before building it and make sure that it is safe. You will need to be sure and set this fire area directly on the bare earth, and not on top of grass, and if you do not have an area like this, then you should dig and rake the things around it that should be far away.

After you have accomplished and completed making the bed for the campfire, you will next need to gather up all of the necessary wood that you will need. Gathering up tinder is the first thing you will do, and this consists of dry wood, dry grass, wood shavings, and dry leaves that will catch fire quickly. After this, you will gather kindling because you can’t go straight to big logs because it will smother the fire. Kindling consists of small branches and small twigs that will catch fire a little slower than the tinder, but it is quick as well and is able to hold fire long enough to catch the fuel wood blazing. Fuel wood consists of thicker wood, however, make sure that you find branches that are about as thick around as your arm because big logs will take a long time to catch fire.

You can throw a couple of pieces of big logs on along with the smaller fuel wood, so that when it catches fire, it will be able to hold a hot fire for a longer period of time. A good tip to remember is that dry wood will catch fire quicker, and burn better than wet wood. So, find the branches and twigs that snap easily, therefore, you will know that they are dry enough to burn. Always gather up as much tinder, kindling, and fuel wood as you can, because you won’t realize it at first, but you will be using a lot of tinder and kindling to build and start your fire. So, make sure that you have enough.

In conclusion, it is important that you build your campfire properly and with the perfect dry pieces of wood. You will want to be sure that the fire is going to start quickly, and keep it going strong and hot as you are enjoying it. Keeping your campfire burning is an easy task to accomplish when you start it in the right way. It seems easy to create a campfire because most individuals believe that you just light wood on fire, however, it is a bit more complicated than this, and if it is not done in right way then it is possible that you will not be able to start a fire.

Trek Light Gear Double Hammock Review


The art of hanging is easy to learn and fun if you get the right hammock. For those who are new to camping hammocks, you are reading the right article. In this Trek Light Gear Double Hammock Review, you will get to learn about the pros and cons of this hammock.

Pros of Getting a Trek Light Gear Double Hammock

For example, the quality used to make this product is simply amazing. If you pay attention to the color, you will find it better for hiking and even better when you hang with your loved one. The comfort is just amazing, and you are sure to fall in love with this one. Furthermore, the hammock is designed in such a way it is easy to pack.

One may wonder, why spend the night hanging while a tent and a sleeping bag can be comfortable as well? The answer is comfort and terrain. It can never get any comfortable once you set up and hang after an exhaustive day. Also, there may lack favorable terrain while hiking hence the need to have a hammock.

If you have never spent a night hanging between two dreams, then you need to do this. Not only will like the sweet dreams and the morning weather but you will sure be an addict of the comfort. This hammock is not only limited to kaki, but also there are other different 20 colors that you can pick from. How else can it get better?

The size of the Trek Light Gear Double Hammock is great because you can hang together with someone else or you can lie on diagonally and still be comfortable. Both beginners and experts can hang on this one because of the simplicity of setting up.

Cons of Getting a Trek Light Gear Double Hammock

Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage, and this camping hammock is not any different. The comfort of using a hammock is like heaven on earth, but the comfort is achieved at a cost. You have to set up right with great attention to details, or the angles might deny you the comfort. Another disadvantage is the fact that this hammock is very difficult to use without trees. Even though you would expect camping to be near trees, you may be surprised to find yourself in an area without trees.

Trek Light Gear Double Hammock should be part of your hiking experience especially if you want to enjoy a comfortable night after a day of hiking. Trek Light Gear Double Hammock Review has clearly shown why you should get a hammock or why should not depending on your preference and taste. Nevertheless, this is a good product worth trying out once you go out for camping or hiking.

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